About us

About us

Hey there, here is a little bit about us

A+A is a reference to my name (AnneLyse) and that of my daughter (Anaïs) who joined the team when the pandemic took over and has brought a lot of young fresh ideas to the art I had been doing throughout the years and the business we intend to have.

Hi, this is AnneLyse. I have been creating art since let's just say a long time! I am very adventurous with the mediums I work with. Everything I create is inspired by the medium itself whether it's resin, wood, concrete or paint. I intend for the piece to find a balance with its color, movement or texture.

Hey, this is Anaïs. I have always had art around me thanks to my mom, I soon developed my own taste and style. In the duo I run most of the tech/ social media, as well as shooting down my mom's crazy ideas. But what can I say, she's my mom and I've had a hell of a good time. :)

A+A  creates objects that are unique, functional, and beautiful.